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Midge's Irish...the Book Owl's Reading Recommendation

In honor of St. Paddy's Day, the Book Owl highly recommends "Midge's Irish" by P.J. Lamb, the story of Warren LeBlanc, a state psychiatric hospital patient who was once considered a "throwaway".  Despite his  many trips through the “revolving door” of the state psychiatric healthcare system, Warren is inspired to overcome his challenges with the support of his mental healthcare team and the love and friendship of Midge, a fellow patient. When Warren and Midge are eventually discharged from inpatient care to a life in the mainstream community, their relationship and independent lives evolve through many ups and downs. Midge's Irish is an encouraging example of how individuals can learn to successfully manage life with serious mental illness with the aid of a compassionate state mental healthcare system.

P.J. Lamb is a retired psychologist and U.S. Army veteran, whose distinguished career includes a decade as Chief Psychologist at a state psychiatric hospital. His first book, Taking the Local Train, is an entertaining account of his experiences in the Army overseas and his young adult life in the USA after his discharge from service. To learn more about P.J., check out his blog, “A Long Time Ago", a trip down memory lane where P.J. discusses psychology, 20th century music, sports and more.


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